I really like the Internet

Sorry for being quiet in the last week but I had to do some important things. I just wanted to let you know one thing: I really like the Internet. In the net people never sleep, always innovate and want to make the world a better place…

I’m gonna write more tomorrow. Have to spend some time with my girlfriend now 😉

– Kudos to Louis Gray for keeping us updated on maybe the hottest thing of early 2008: Linkblogs

– Congrats to Benjamin Golub for creating a cool (and in some things better) ReadBurner clone

– Another project to think of: LinkRiver


ReadBurner will be back very soon :-)

I’m currently refetching items. That takes a lot of time.

What have I changed:

1. The new db Model (hopefully) supports better scaling performance

2. The userid will now be the Google id and not just a random number.

3. I can now do some new language filtering tricks. It’s lickely that the language filter gets worse at first until I have time to build some algorithms.

4. Double counting items from a user should happen no more. From now on I really know exactly what you guys are sharing 😉

5. To be honest: When the site leaked I parsing tags was not integrated. That’s why no such feature has been available. I’m now parsing them and will soon release something like a tag cloud.

6. When I solved scaling (could take some time) I will start fetching shared items as far back as possible.

Well, so far so good. The parser really has a hard time re-fetching all those items, so please be patient with me…

ReadBurner Down

I knew this would happen sooner or later: ReadBurner is down. My Amazon instance crashed. Argh…

Most data is backed up, but maybe I will start all over again. Why? I made a wrong DB design decision right from the beginning, which I can’t easily change now. If I restart from scratch I could first implement it and improve my language filter.

What do you think?

ReadBurner HotFeed

I’ve been testing several feeds in the last weeks and came to the conclusion that for me the most useful feed has following parameters:

20 – Most Recent – Min Share 7 – English (for me off course)

The cool thing about this feed is, that everytime a story hits 7 shares Google Reader grabs it and since it’s Most Recent you will not get week old stories. The noise is very low, it’s about 20 stories a day and if ReadBurner gets more traction you can raise the min share parameter.

What kind of feed settings do you like the most? I want to make something like a HotFeed.

ReadBurner keeps improving

Hey guys. I did some backend work the last days. There are some bugs in the parser and I still have to get the caching done. When I’m done with that I’m gonna release a new kind of navigation to make ReadBurner simple again. Ah ja. I’m hearing the requests for other languages. I’m working on it…

For those who didn’t saw it: I released a RSS Feed wizard and a new filter called minimum shares. Hope you like it!

Share items directly through ReadBurner!

I have integrated a feature to share items on ReadBurner without having to subscribe to the Feed first. Louis Gray led me to this idea with his recent article Add Items to Your Google Reader Link Blog Without Subscribing.

How does it works:

You hit the share button and then the Google Reader will open with only 1 item in it – the item you want to share. Instead of subscribing to the feed you just open the item, hit share and close the Google Reader. It’s a little bit complicated – but hey, it works 😉

What do you think? Should I make use of this feature and add some code to check things that you’ve already shared?