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To all those Google Reader alternatives

I like Google Reader, I use it several hours a day. I even build a successful project on top of this wonderful piece of software. BUT: I’m really open to alternatives. There are a lot of things that I don’t like about Google Reader and there are tons of things you could improve around it (make it social), but Google is sometimes painfully slow at that.

Louis Gray has 2 post of  RSS Readers, which I tried out and really find interesting:

While I like where Shyftr and AssetBar are heading to, there are really 2 killer things that prevent me from using them long-term

  1. List view
    I can’t and I don’t want to read through all articles. I decide solely on the source and the title wheter I open an article to read it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither AssetBar nor Shyftr are offering a list view and for me that’s a real killer.
  2. Mobile view
    I read lots of my feeds on my mobile phone (Nokia 6131 with Opera Mini 4). Next week I will switch to the iPhone and therefore my mobile RSS reading will likely even rise.

My suggestion: Improve on the Google Reader UI, copy some of the cool stuff from FriendFeed, implement a social layer around it and provide a plain simple mobile site.