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Don’t worry Louis

Louis Gray expressed some concerns that the recent ReadBurner acquisition may cause a conflict of interest, since Adam Ostrow, editor-in-chief at Mashable, has been involved.

I can tell you one thing, Louis: These guys are really into this RSS sharing thing and love that product. We are currently collecting lots of cool ideas and I’m really looking forward to the re-launch.

From what I’ve seen so far – with this new formed team ReadBurner has more than ever the chance to evolve into a mass appealing web site, mainly based on innovation and (hopefully) with the support of all you bloggers and users out there.


I really like the Internet

Sorry for being quiet in the last week but I had to do some important things. I just wanted to let you know one thing: I really like the Internet. In the net people never sleep, always innovate and want to make the world a better place…

I’m gonna write more tomorrow. Have to spend some time with my girlfriend now 😉

– Kudos to Louis Gray for keeping us updated on maybe the hottest thing of early 2008: Linkblogs

– Congrats to Benjamin Golub for creating a cool (and in some things better) ReadBurner clone

– Another project to think of: LinkRiver