The all new ReadBurner

I’m sort of late to this story, due to lack of internet connection yesterday, but I’m still happy to see ReadBurner back online. Like in the time when I started the project, the relaunch generated an amazing amount of blog coverage. This is something that really encourages us to keep pushing interesting stuff and I wanna thank all you guys out there.

I also wanna thank the ReadBurner team. The energy and passion they’re putting in is amazing and their future plans are too. Congrats guys!

My personal goal is to end my freelance work till the end of June and after that to jump fully back into the startup world. I will then continue to help out with ReadBurner but I also have plenty of new cool ideas (I recently had to turn down two invitations to YCombinator interviews due to this damn contract work I’m bound to).

Anyway. Have fun with the all new ReadBurner and don’t forget to burn your Linkblog.


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