Can you tell me some twitter secrets?

Laugh about me but it took me till recently to somehow understand what I should do with twitter. I registered my account about 1 year ago but I’m actively using it only since a few weeks. Currently I’m wondering about a few things and I hope you can enlighten me somehow:

  • Do you just follow anybody that follows you? (eg. It doesn’t make sense to me to follow people who post in languages I don’t understand.)
  • Are you turning device updates on for everyone or do you have some criteria for doing that?
  • I’m currently using twhirl. What clients do you use/recommend?
  • What do you really use twitter for: tracking news, communicating, self promotion (coug, Jason Calancanis, cough), other…
  • What else can you tell me?

4 thoughts on “Can you tell me some twitter secrets?

  1. Jack Carlson

    I follow people who have interesting things to say. That’s why I’m following far more folks than follow me.

    I only get updates from those I know very well, like Chris Pirillo, or who post items I’d hate to miss.

    I really like Twhirl. I’ve tried a few others and it remains my fav. FriendFeed is great, too, but not all my Twitter friends are members.

    I use Twitter to learn. It’s like sitting in on a board meeting of the shakers-movers-thinkers on the web (at least at the average-human level. No Jobs, Gates or T.B. Lee yet)

    Avoid addiction. If you find yourself impatiently waiting for the next Twitter, get up, go out and enjoy the day. 😉

  2. Product Reviews

    I thought Twitter was much ado about nothing when I first saw it, until last week I announced a social marketing webinar I was starting in 15 minutes.

    Several Twitter followers were on the webinar. Twitter has the power of NOW.

    Glen Woodfin


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