To all those Google Reader alternatives

I like Google Reader, I use it several hours a day. I even build a successful project on top of this wonderful piece of software. BUT: I’m really open to alternatives. There are a lot of things that I don’t like about Google Reader and there are tons of things you could improve around it (make it social), but Google is sometimes painfully slow at that.

Louis Gray has 2 post of  RSS Readers, which I tried out and really find interesting:

While I like where Shyftr and AssetBar are heading to, there are really 2 killer things that prevent me from using them long-term

  1. List view
    I can’t and I don’t want to read through all articles. I decide solely on the source and the title wheter I open an article to read it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but neither AssetBar nor Shyftr are offering a list view and for me that’s a real killer.
  2. Mobile view
    I read lots of my feeds on my mobile phone (Nokia 6131 with Opera Mini 4). Next week I will switch to the iPhone and therefore my mobile RSS reading will likely even rise.

My suggestion: Improve on the Google Reader UI, copy some of the cool stuff from FriendFeed, implement a social layer around it and provide a plain simple mobile site.


5 thoughts on “To all those Google Reader alternatives

  1. Dave Stanley

    Thanks for the feedback Alexander. I believe Shyftr does have a list view option that you’re referring to. When you’re in the aggregator, there is an option at the top called ‘Hide All’. That will put you in list view. If you want to then expand out the posts, all you have to do is select ‘Show All’.

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  4. Alexander Marktl Post author

    Hey dave.
    Just saw it. Sorry for missing that.
    But still, I think people like (at least me) this simple list view from Google Reader, especially when you have tons of subscriptions. I would really like to see someone improving on that approach.


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