ReadBurner will be back very soon :-)

I’m currently refetching items. That takes a lot of time.

What have I changed:

1. The new db Model (hopefully) supports better scaling performance

2. The userid will now be the Google id and not just a random number.

3. I can now do some new language filtering tricks. It’s lickely that the language filter gets worse at first until I have time to build some algorithms.

4. Double counting items from a user should happen no more. From now on I really know exactly what you guys are sharing 😉

5. To be honest: When the site leaked I parsing tags was not integrated. That’s why no such feature has been available. I’m now parsing them and will soon release something like a tag cloud.

6. When I solved scaling (could take some time) I will start fetching shared items as far back as possible.

Well, so far so good. The parser really has a hard time re-fetching all those items, so please be patient with me…


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