ReadBurner Down

I knew this would happen sooner or later: ReadBurner is down. My Amazon instance crashed. Argh…

Most data is backed up, but maybe I will start all over again. Why? I made a wrong DB design decision right from the beginning, which I can’t easily change now. If I restart from scratch I could first implement it and improve my language filter.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “ReadBurner Down

  1. Mike Reynolds

    Alex, I think that ReadBurner is already one of the most impressive sites I’ve visited. You always seem to make the right decisions – as evidenced by a stream of features that have been really useful.

    What’s the scope of the new DB? If it’s only about the language filter, I’d say that what you have now works quite well. How long might you be offline if you make the change?

  2. dempsey775

    I guess you mean by restarting from scratch all the current data would be lost? I think if you’re ever going to to it then now is the time, as it’s only going to get more popular with more users, if you don’t do it now, will you ever be able to?

  3. Alexander Marktl Post author

    ReadBurner will be down 3 hours or so. The change could solve the last double item problems and I could build a better language filter for other lanuguages (english works quite well).

    I can always fetch the old feeds again, anyway 😉


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