ReadBurner HotFeed

I’ve been testing several feeds in the last weeks and came to the conclusion that for me the most useful feed has following parameters:

20 – Most Recent – Min Share 7 – English (for me off course)

The cool thing about this feed is, that everytime a story hits 7 shares Google Reader grabs it and since it’s Most Recent you will not get week old stories. The noise is very low, it’s about 20 stories a day and if ReadBurner gets more traction you can raise the min share parameter.

What kind of feed settings do you like the most? I want to make something like a HotFeed.


5 thoughts on “ReadBurner HotFeed

  1. Louis Gray

    I’ve been using the same with “Upcoming” and “3”. We do get duplicates vs. other items I’ve already shared, but for feeds I’m not subscribed to, it’s net positive. It’s also good to see how much my “1” share contributed and how fast it turns around. 7’s not a bad threshold for now.

  2. Sam

    I’ve noticed that if you get something off any of the RB feeds and ‘share it’ that this seems to usually count as it’s own item and not increase the shares of the original item. If I had one ‘feature’ request it’d be to have those roll back up into the original item with perhaps a secondary “shared from ReadBurner” number attached.

  3. Mike Reynolds

    Good question. I’m pretty well covered in my Google Reader stream (600 feeds or so), so what I’m looking for is something new. Thus, “Most Recent” and “2” works for me. Definitely helps me find new things.

    One interesting feature would be listing Popular stories that I have not Shared yet. Or in general a filter that filters out what I’ve already Shared.


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