ReadBurner keeps improving

Hey guys. I did some backend work the last days. There are some bugs in the parser and I still have to get the caching done. When I’m done with that I’m gonna release a new kind of navigation to make ReadBurner simple again. Ah ja. I’m hearing the requests for other languages. I’m working on it…

For those who didn’t saw it: I released a RSS Feed wizard and a new filter called minimum shares. Hope you like it!


3 thoughts on “ReadBurner keeps improving

  1. ரவிசங்கர்


    interesting to see your site and the frequency of improvements..if you can start collecting the tags from the shared items and bring features like recent tags, popular would be useful feature..also, u can try to strip images, thumbnails, videos and present them along with the items on their right side..and if there is a way to show author profile photos on the left of the items, it would be easy to scan the content for our favourite authors..

    asking too much 😉

    good luck.

    – Ravi

  2. Alexander Marktl Post author

    Good feedback. Some things are already on my to-do, some things can be a little be tricky (like author pictures).

    Better you’re asking too much than not asking at all 😉


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