Share items directly through ReadBurner!

I have integrated a feature to share items on ReadBurner without having to subscribe to the Feed first. Louis Gray led me to this idea with his recent article Add Items to Your Google Reader Link Blog Without Subscribing.

How does it works:

You hit the share button and then the Google Reader will open with only 1 item in it – the item you want to share. Instead of subscribing to the feed you just open the item, hit share and close the Google Reader. It’s a little bit complicated – but hey, it works 😉

What do you think? Should I make use of this feature and add some code to check things that you’ve already shared?


6 thoughts on “Share items directly through ReadBurner!

  1. reynmike

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is worth doing just to show it can be done. I also didn’t think this was possible. 🙂

  2. Bijay Rungta

    First of all Congrats…
    You are getting some publicity…. TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, if I remember it right they have all covered this nice feature by you…

    I came here basically to point out that in the Current site there is no link for Help/Faq or anything …

    I went to Burn your ReaderLink but wasn’t sure whether I should enter the Public URL of my shared items or the rss link to it…

    isn’t quite clear from the interface…

    About this post:

    hey great if I am thinking it in the right way…

    But How do you propose the button for sharing the article/blog post..

    A Browser Adon/GreaseMonkey Script so the user who actually uses the feature can apply it to any article he wants to??

    Not every one will include a widget or link to share an item with Google Reader in their blog…

    I have seen such links in many blogs though not sure if that was indeed for sharing through Google Reader… never happened to have tried by cicking on it…

    I hope you understand what I am saying…

  3. Alexander Marktl Post author

    @Bijay Rungta

    I have put up some help under the “Burn your Linkblog” section.

    According to the share feature: Currently I’m not really interested in promoting the share feature. It’s more a proof of concept. I think the cool thing about ReadBurner, is that people don’t have to vote. That happens somewhere else.

    Otherwise ReadBurner would just be yet another Digg clone.


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