ReadBurner secret feature

I’ve integrated another filter to show items with a minimum definable share count. It’s not yet integrated into the interface. Sorry folks – I just need some rest. You can still use and play around with it by manipulating the Get Parameters in the URL. Just add &ms=3 for a minimum share count of 3 shares. This is particularly interesting for the most recent section. You can hide away all the one time shared items.

The parameter also works for the RSS feeds. Here’s an example for Most Recent | English | min 3 shares

There’s another little update for the RSS feeds: you can now see the Autho, the Source and how many people shared it right in Google Reader. That’s all for today.

Oh. One more thing…

I’ve played around with images again since I didn’t like the old view. Now I’m giving you a view showing just raw images with nothing else. No Titles, shares, Authors or text, just what’s hot today as totally unorganized Image stream.
I call it Visual News.  You can see it here.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “ReadBurner secret feature

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