ReadBurner Design Iteration 1 – Adding Content Preview

screen.jpg The long awaited and promised first Design iteration is now online. Until now ReadBurner looked somehow cheap and uninspired and I’m not sure if you’re gonna like the new Design, but as you already know  – I can improve fast. So don’t hesitate to give me feedback.

I have integrated a new feature – Content Preview.
You can decide if you want no Content, a text snippet, a text snippet plus images or the full content. The last two are highly experimental and I’m very interested in the reactions.  They can produce strange behaviour too, since I haven’t integrated any methods to analyze the text.

The reason why I have integrated it: it happened accidentally, while programming that stuff and I really liked the look of the text+image preview. I thought it would be cool to find a way to get this style, without the errors that are now in it…

Nevertheless –  I can gonna remove or improve it based on your feedback.

One last note: I wanna thank all of you bloggers, users, contributors for writing about ReadBurner, giving feedback and mailing me bugs. That really keeps me motivated. Special kudos to Louis Gray – for “forcing” me to go online…


13 thoughts on “ReadBurner Design Iteration 1 – Adding Content Preview

  1. Louis Gray

    Great work, Alexander. You’re rolling out updates faster than we can write about them. Thanks for the kudos as well. It’s always easier to talk about work others are doing. 🙂

  2. reynmike

    Alex, stop it. I can’t keep up 🙂 Just kidding. The truth is that your site helps people keep up, so thanks again for the great work.


  3. Philippe

    Awesome work as usual. Really like the design.

    Last item on my wishlist is some way to categorise the feed sources….

    I guess there’s a couple of ways to do this.. user tagging or voting (downside maybe needing to login), some sort of auto content analysis, pulling delicious tags, perhaps even manual allocation once a threshold number of posts has ben reached… anyway I guess you have your own ideas.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. fredball

    You are working very fast. Great work that’s why the Bloggers write about ReadBurner! The new design’s nice.

  5. Scott Clark

    I’m following with interest. I think you should set a minimum shares threshold because the “single share links” are monopolizing the page. I would think “two shares” would be a better minimum, or even user-configurable share minimums.

    What one person shares is not interesting to me. What two people share gets my attention.

  6. Alexander Marktl Post author

    hey scott. I like that. Will implement it as an additional filter.
    Maybe I should also start to think about some kind of user profile to save filter settings and more things to come…

  7. aliji

    Hi Alexander.

    Thank you for ReadBurner.

    I wanted to ask you about the “Burn your linkblog” feature.
    When i burn me linkblog, does it fetch all the items i’ve shared or only part of them?
    For when i go to it shows only 17 shared items, and i have more than 100 items.

    Of course i can click on my linkblog link and see all the items, but maybe would be good if you add a “More shared items by [user]” link, so that they can see the other remaining items.

    Also, when i go to , beside my user name i have a number 0. Isn’t that supposed to show the number of shared itmes, or it’s something else?


  8. Alexander Marktl Post author


    According to your shared items:
    I do not import every item right from the beginning. I’m catching your latest items and from then I will insert them all. My DB gets bigger every day and in order to keep things smooth I have to scale it up with care. So I do not import all your items from the past, but all from now (it makes more sense anyway)

    According to the stats:
    I think I start counting your shared items the first time you share something new, when already registered to ReadBurner. Maybe that gives advantages to those who register their linkblog first.
    I’m gonna rethink that one. (And I’m gonna implement stats right in your ReadBurner user profile)

  9. aliji

    Thanks for explaining this.

    Although i think it makes sense to include every item the user has shared since he started using Google Reader. Or maybe an option to choose between the two. for example includes every item the user has posted on every service he’s subscribed: Flickr, Google Reader,, from the day the user has started using that specific service.

    Also when we install the bookmark extension, it asks the user if they want to import their browser bookmarks on

    But then again, maybe someone else might join in and share his thoughts about this.

    Keep up the good work. This has the potential to become something big. 🙂


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