Testing user profiles for ReadBurner

I’m testing kind of user profiles for people who share things on ReadBurner.

Instead of immediately  linking to the user’s linkblog I link to a site where you can see what the user has shared. Since you can see everyone who shares item, you now can more easily find people who share same stuff. Here’s my profile for an example.

I think this feature leaves a lot to be desired, but first a major design update is getting more and more important if I want to keep up adding new features without completely overloading the site.

Another thing that I totally forgot is to implement a next button if you wanna see more items. Expect this also after a design revamp.


6 thoughts on “Testing user profiles for ReadBurner

  1. Louis Gray

    What about a stat showing, like Digg does… “Items shared”, “Items made Popular”, “Popular Ratio”, followed by “Others who shared similar items include…”

    See where I’m going with this?

  2. Charlie Anzman

    Alexander – This concept is AWESOME. Helps me keep our readers up to date even when I don’t have time to write… Not to mention you’ve already got some great shared feeds onboard. Keep up the great stuff and thanks!.


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