ReadBurner now filters Languages!

I have now implemented language filtering!
Though don’t expect it to be 100% accurate. It’s very experimental and works only good if there’s enough data.

Translation: the more items in one language are shared and the more people are sharing in that language the better the filter gets. Sounds strange, is strange 😉

Now I’m interested myself how this work…
If I it turns out to be a good-enough-solution, then filtering languages wasn’t too hard at all.

Oh. I forgot. I filter language that are similar and not every single language. If I made a big mistake with asian/persian or whatever language then please tell me.


7 thoughts on “ReadBurner now filters Languages!

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  3. Alexander Marktl Post author

    Hi Mohammad.

    I’m very happy that it works and that the Iranian blogosphere likes ReadBurner.

    In the next days I definitely gonna do something about the design. I somehow got used to it and like the simplicity, so I mostly will change colors, fonts and the share section. Not too much polish…

  4. Bamdadi

    Dear Alexaner,

    Some suggestions:
    1. Please try to be QUICK and FASTER. Find some FUNDS and Sponsers. Yo do not have much time, if google implement the same feature itself, you will lose your benefit of being the first one who really implement this wonderful system. Try to improve your service so fast and efficient, so that at least google consider acquiring it, instead of implementing its own.

    2. Thanks for the language feature. It is wonderful. I am using the Farsi pages , I noticed the RSS feeds are still the general ones, I made the Farsi feeds by adding &l=3 to the feeds such as:

    Unfortunately they don’t seem to work yet.

    3. If you think we (the Iranian bloggers) can be of any help let us know.

  5. Alexander Marktl Post author

    Hey Bamdadi.

    @2: RSS Feeds don’t have implemented language filtering yet. I’m gonna update that today.

    @1: I’m very thrilled by the great response of the iranian/persian community. Most hits come from there. Being quicker and faster is currently a matter of available development time and not money. I’m already talking to people who want to help me, but coordination makes things more complicated too.

    @3: When I finally find time to rethink the design I’m gonna contact you guys. I have some questions on how to best display Persian chars.


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