RSS Feeds added

RSS feeds are finally availiable! You can find them on ReadBurner next to the respective tab.

Though I have to admit that they are kind of experimantal right now. My sortings are suboptimal. I have to change the DB a little bit. Gonna do this tomorrow.

Another thing is that I forgot to save the “content” field of the feed into the db so there are just headlines. I updated my parser but currently I haven’t updated the items. That means: old items have no content, new items (since 2 hours) have content.

I’m also working on user feeds but I ran into some problems. Have to change the db for this too, arghh…
Plz, give me feedback on the feeds.

Thanks Alex


3 thoughts on “RSS Feeds added

  1. Mike Reynolds

    You are a machine Alex! ReadBurner is so new that I didn’t want to bother you with comments about wanting feeds, and you have them already! And once you announced you were going to do feeds, I assumed it would take you up to a month to do. My next step is dropping the Current feed into Google Reader.

  2. bentrem

    Hey Alex … keep your head up and keep moving forward!

    REF: on your “About” page, explain things a bit … the various links and all … a couple of paragraphs, even. When it gets meaty you can peel that off onto it’s own page, call it Introduction or whatever.


  3. thedude2002 Post author

    Hi bentrem.

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to write some lines about Readburner.
    cheers – alex


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