New Linkblogs are coming in fast

I’m currently watching 239 linkblogs up from about 50 2 days ago.  That’s a lot of data to play with. It’s likely I’m adding a designer to this project to improve the look and feel.

A problem that’s popping up is different languages, especially those with no latin characters like Chinese or Arabic. I gotta find a practical solution for that…


6 thoughts on “New Linkblogs are coming in fast

  1. Sebastian Moser

    Alex, don’t waste your time with a designer! I in fact like the “design” of ReadBurner a lot, it’s just the colors I would change. I wouldn’t do much more than that.
    Also, you’re growing so much that having a designer would put unnecessary constraints on you. Add a designer when the product evolved into a clear direction, but not now. 😉

  2. mamund

    cool project!

    i added my reader linkblog on the at least 24 hrs ago, but have yet to see it appear in your linkblog list. have i missed something. i see you check for “valid linkblogs” and i am pretty sure i’m not caught by that bug.

    anyway, i hope i get added soon. this is a great idea.

  3. thedude2002 Post author


    usually I’m adding feeds within 30 minutes or so, but as the whole thing is still alpha sometimes strange things can happen. Please mail me your linkblog address to alexander.marktl [at] gmail dot com

    I’m gonna look into it.


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