Hello ReadBurners!

If anyone wants to give feedback leave a comment.


13 thoughts on “Hello ReadBurners!

  1. Louis Gray

    Looks good so far. If an item has multiple sharers, how does it say one particular person shared it? And is there a way to click from a shared feed to their direct Google feed URL?

  2. thedude2002 Post author

    On My To-Do List:
    – See everyone who shared the item
    – See a profile page with direct link to the linkblog

    But first I’m gonna fix this duplicates problem…

  3. thedude2002 Post author

    My duplicate problem is in fact very simple. It’s just a damn syntax error somewhere in my php file and it’s driving me nuts…

  4. thedude2002 Post author


    haven’t thought about it too much, yet. Just wanted to get the counting of shared items done. Any suggestions?

  5. Philippe

    Give me a list of my shared items together with the names of other people who have also shared those same items – means I can find people with common interests and go have a look at the rest of their shared items….

    keep up the good work!

  6. lissan

    @phillipe – agree with idea of finding people of similar interest

    great work – if you need some ideas about presentation – i think the mobile version of google reader is excellent – its simple to use but allows the feeders to be read in a multiple of ways

    idea – drop the ‘Shared by’ tag on the main page – and display as a click through on the “shares” tag – as the users increase the “shared by” tag will become very large (think digg)

  7. thedude2002 Post author

    hi folks!

    thanks for the feedback to all of you. There are very interesting thoughts. I’m gonna look through all of your ideas in detail later this day. Now I need some rest…


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